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Silberauto AS is the parent company of a group that brings together a number of companies active in the automotive sector. Our activities include car manufacturing as well as the development of automotive software and autonomous vehicles.


Silberauto counts June 1990 as the beginning of its activities, when an agreement was signed in Stuttgart for the establishment of an authorised representative office of Mercedes-Benz AG in Estonia.

In the spring of 1992, MB Eesti Autokeskus AS was established, already operating as an independent dealer. Silberauto AS started its activities in June 1993 and in September of the same year a regional agency agreement was signed with Mercedes-Benz AG, followed by an agreement for the Estonian head office on 3 April 1995.

Silberauto started its activities in the Lithuanian market in 2002 with the establishment of a subsidiary Silberauto UAB. In 2003 Silberauto started to consolidate its dealer network in Estonia under one company and by 2007 Silberauto Eesti AS was established, with 10 sales and service centres in 8 Estonian cities.

2019 Silberauto Eesti AS was established in 2003.At the end of 2007, Silberauto AS divested its entire car sales and service business and focused on the development of autonomous vehicles as a complementary business line by setting up subsidiaries AuVe Tech and AuVe Production.